Vill i vann


Vill i vann (Wild in water) is an offer of activities for children and youth with a focus on mastery and progression, safety and unity. Vill i vann is an alternative activity offer to the club’s training and competition areas for children and youth who enjoy being in water but not necessarily want to compete actively. Vill i vann has been developed by The Norwegian Swimming Federation and a number of selected swimming clubs in Norway. 

At Vill i vann, you will work on basic skills in diving, synchronized swimming and water polo, as well as swimming technique. Included in the course offerings are outdoors activities and other activities on land. The offer is aimed at athletes who already have basic swimming skills, and therefore offered to children who have passed the Selunge course.


Vill i Vann is based on:

– Children and youth Having fun, doing activities that are based on play
– Competent instruktors/coaches who pay attention to everyone’s needs
– Aktivities that are adjusted to the participants age, development and needs
A variety of activities that develop children and youth physically, mentally and socially
The activity will use the the swimming pool and its surroundings in different ways with a goal of developing creativity and comprehensive movement experience. 


Vill i vann 1
agegroups:  7-9 years
Time and place:  Sundays from 13.00 to 13.45 or 18.10 to 18.50 Wednesdays, Sogn Bad
Price:  510 / 500kr / month + 200kr in annual membership fees
Registration + more info: – Wednesdays click here >>   – Sundays click here >>  

Vill i vann 2

agegroups:  10-13 years
Time and place:  Sundays from 13.50 to 14.50 or Mondays & Wednesdays from 18.20 to 19.00, Sogn Bad
Price:  530kr (sundays) – 650kr (mnn & wed) pr. month + 200kr in annual membership fees
Registration + more info: – mon & wed  click here >>  – Sundays  click here >>

Vill i vann training  (15 min dryland training included in all sessions) 
Age Group:  13-17 years 
Time and place:  Sundays from 14.55 to 16.10 
Price:  550 kr pr. month + 200 kr in annual membership fees 
Registration + more info: – Sundays  click here >>