For those of you who enjoy ball sports and swimming, Oslo Idrettslag-svømming now provide this sport for you! We are searching for athletes to participate in our mini polo courses, age from 8-12

Minipolo are courses that are designed for children between 8 and 12years, minipolo is a much smaller version of water polo which is based on having fun in the water, there are a lot of ball games and we’re believe the athletes will gain a good sense of accomplishment of being in the water. The athlete must have completed “selunge” to start the course minipolo level 1.

There are 4 mini polo levels, made for the various skills of the participants. The courses are held continuously just as our school courses, and updated through the levels as the group as a whole progress to the a new level.

Take a look at the NSF’s description of mini polo 

For questions to the Mini Polo, please contact the head of the course department or by phone 97 57 37 93.