You must be over 18 years of age to book courses organized by Oslo Idrettslag Svømming. Oslo Idrettslag Svømming is responsible for all transactions carried out through the course register.


Conditions for continuous courses

  • Continuous course has ongoing invoicing and is subject to the Right of Withdrawal Act which in § 11 gives the consumer a right of withdrawal of 14 days at the first registration. The withdrawal form can be found here
  • Deadline for withdrawal: by 25 every month. Upon withdrawal, an e-mail titled “utmelding” with information about the participant’s name and course level is sent to If you opt out before the 25th, you will be announced on 30/31.
  • Invoices are sent by e-mail about the 1st each month with a payment deadline of 7 days.
  • Possibility of leave (1-2 months) without paying for documented sickness absence, for example in case of a fracture of the arm. Please contact us by e-mail with the title “leave” to
  • The total price for an entire year is divided by the number of months of payment. The price per month is equal to the number of exchange rates that month.
  • Course participants must be prepared for cancelled course days to occur, either as a result of technical conditions we are not masters of such as too cold water in the pool and illness. There is no compensation for such a thing.
  • We bring in new participants once a month, from the waiting list.
  • Information about registration in spring 2019:   Information about registration for courses

Wardrobe time and attendance

The wardrobe time is set to 15 minutes before the course starts, and 15 minutes after the course ends.

The course participants are responsible for attending courses. Registration is binding and no compensation is given for short-term illness or holiday. If one does not meet, the hallway is considered lost.

Parents do not have the opportunity to participate in the water with their children (does not apply to baby and toddler swimming)

At the start of the course at Tøyenbadet, a certificate must be shown at the entrance desk. This will be sent out by e-mail before the first day of the course each month. The course certificate covers admission for the course participant, as well as a parent.

In case of illness over a longer period of time, please contact us by e-mail


ALL participants going into the pool MUST shower and wash before going out into. Bathing caps are mandatory and can be purchased by the club.

Holidays and holidays

The course department follows the school’s holiday schedule, and no courses will be arranged on red days and school holidays.

The price per month is calculated by finding the total price for an entire year and dividing by the number of payment months. The price per month is equal to the number of courses in each month.

feedback on

  • On My page on, you will find a comment from the participant’s instructor no later than the 25th of each month.
  • Some children are ready to move on to the next level, then this stands as Recommended further level. Those children who are going on to the next level are moved on during the last week each month, emails with confirmation are coming. Some will naturally have to change the time, day and place, but we try to stay within +/- 60 min of what you have today.
  • Do you have any further questions about your child’s skills, talk to the Pool Manager or instructor before/after a course lesson.


Your information will not be shared with third parties and is secured in our system.

Oslo Idrettslag Swimming reserves the right to move/merge courses if there is less than a 60% filling rate on the course. We also reserve the right to move participants if they are enrolled in the wrong level, or the wrong course in relation to age.