The development department

The development department(U), is a subdivision of the athletic department. U includes U2, U3, U4, U5, U6 where the number after the U states how many swim practices you have pr. week, and generally follows the Norwegian Swimming Federation development plan towards elite sport. T1, which is a training group without specific development requirements, but with challenging physical training both on land and in water. Pre T / U, which is a recruitment group by Hai course bringing you to T1, Synchronous School, Wild in water or U3 depending on age, goals and skill level

Pre Training and development (Pre T/U)

Pre T/U was started in 2017 as a connector between the courses department and athletic department. With this group we have a greater opportunity to ensure high level of expertise and skill before making a choice of whether or not you want to engage in competitive swimming or use your skills just for activity’s sake. Pre T / U participates in 4-5 Recruit events per season and it is an important goal for the kids to be motivated and challenge themselves through competition. It is usually more fun than what they initially expect and it provides a great sense of achievement.

Pre T/U is organized through, but the content is through the athletic department. There is always an educcated coach who leads the group as the content is becoming more individualized and the development of this group is directly linked to the next level within the athletic department.

The course is billed each month from tryggivann and you are able to cancel your membership or be offered to be moved to a higher level at any time. It is a goal that the childre should only spend a maximum of one year in Pre T/U, but this is slightly depending on the age. The age group is from 10 to 12 years. And they have two trainings per week with 1 hour in the water and 30min on land, each of training. Training times are updated here >>

If you have not made a user in OI svømming’s membership register, you have to create one here: Medlemsregisteret . By having a user it will be it easier to enroll in competitions.



U2 is a group that was created in 2018. The group’s objective is to gather athletes aged 8-10 years who have passed all merit badges through the swimming school (NSF-courses) and who wish to develop swimming skills specified towards competitions. This group is made up of relatively equal leveled swimmers and has a good distribution of boys and girls.

The group has 2 trainings per week, lasting 2.5 hours in water and 1.5 hours on strength and flexibility focused exercises. In addition, all groups in the team has a shared training, usually at Holmenkollen every Wednesday. It is recommended to attend this session as this is one of the few opportunities to be with the older athletes in the team. There is a continuous assessment of skill level and maturity. We allways provide challenges so the swimmers are able to quickly develop their skills both as a group and as an individual. When you arrive at a level where there are too few challenges within this group, there will be an offer to train with U3, which is at a higher level and have an extra training in the water per week.

There is usually little need for equipment in the sport of swimming, but when you are at a big club like OI swimming, it is important to show some form of pride as an OI swimmer. This means that you acquire the uniform of the club. It is recommended to acquire the club’s T-shirt, bag and bathing cap, as these are things that are easily obtainable. You can easily acquire this through our online store,

U2 aims to attend 05-06 recruit competitions per year and it is recommended that parents/guardians participate as spectators/supporters. This is a very nice opportunity to get to know the other parents in the group and it is very fun for the kids to be able to show how much they’ve learned.

U2 is organized like the other groups in the athletic department. It is billed 2x per year and you can quit at any time during the season, but you have no right to a refund if the invoice has already been paid for the period.

You can find information about the training fee here>> and the trainingtimes here>>


This group offers three weekly practices, and is the next step after Pre T/U or U2 for those who are ready for a bigger challenge. The group participates in approximately one competition every month, and will be offered to join the club on training camps in the school holidays. The group focuses on further developing technical abilities and becoming comfortable in a competitive scenario. The practices will consist of dryland, both inside and outside and 4 hours of swimming per week. After U3 the participant will be offered to move up to U4


The next step after U3 which offers a total of 4 sessions in the water per week. This group has a total of 8.5 hours of swimming each week, including dryland which is right before or after the swimming. The group participates in at least one competition each month and is given the posibility to join the team on the trainingcamps during school holidays. The focus in this group is to become technically skilled and confident in the competitive scenarios. We still try to accomodate other activities being part of the swimmers daily routines at this point. After U4, the swimmer will be given the choice to move on to U5 or the T-group