Enrolling and general information


All enrolling is done through the Norwegian swimming federations page www.tryggivann.no

Before you sign up for, we recommend that you use our level selector to find the right level https://oi-svomming.no/nivavelger-2/

Via waiting lists we resign the course participants at the end of each month. Through email, you will receive an offer for a course that you can either accept or decline depending on whether or not the time works for you. When you sign up on the waiting list, we recommend strongly that you enter the days you want so that we may take this into consideration.  It is also worth mentioning that the more alternate options you provide us, the sooner you get a spot.

Sign up (tryggivann.no)


Are you having difficulties signing up?

we recommend using these videos:

For creating a new user: https://nsf.brik.no/video/118963-opprette-ny-brukerkonto

To enroll in courses: https://nsf.brik.no/video/118964-registrere-barn-og-melde-pa-kurs-som-foresatt


At the end of each semester (before the Christmas holidays and before the summer holidays), all registered course participants who want to continue their courses need to register themselves via Tryggivann.

Course participants will, a week after registration opens, have priority on the courses for next semester. Ie course registration opens a week earlier for those who are registered for courses lasting the semester. Based on the recommendation you get by your instructor, you will get a list of days, places and times for their continued courses. Then you simply choose the course that suits your needs.

After the preferential period is over, we will begin to sign up those who are on the waiting lists. 


Holidays and vacations

The courses follow the school holiday schedule, and will not be held during school holidays.

 The price per month is calculated by finding the total price for a whole year and divide by the number of payment months. The price per month is the same regardless of the number of courses each month.


Proceeding to the next course level

The instructors provide feedback on the participant’s progress once a month. If the  course participant has completed all the objectives and is ready to move forward, you will be advised to proceed to the next level.

The courses Department transfers the participant to the next level and then sends information about what time the new course will be held. We are working to make as few changes as possible when it comes to time as we know that many families have multiple activities that need to be taken into consideration. However, there are some occasions were it will be necessary to reschedule as we dont have a choice

The time each participant spends on all of our course levels will be up to the participant’s own development and motivation.

Opting out

To sign out your child or you from one of our swimming lessons should do the following:

1. Send an email to utmelding@oi-svomming.no  entitled “Utmelding child’s name – month “. E.g. “Utmelding Hannah Marin – January»

2. The email must contain the following information

  • Full name of resigned child / youth / adul
  • Name and day of course you wish to end. E.g. «Hval, Tuesday 17.30»
  • Which location the course is being held (Tøyenbadet, Møllergata, Sogn Bad, Lovisenberg Sykehjem)
  • (Optional) Reasons as to why you wish to withdraw from the course – We would love some feedback 🙂

An automatic response will be sent back to you via email.


Deadline for Withdrawal 

Resignations must be sent to this email address within the 25th every month. One keeps their spot in the course until the  29/30/31 same month 

Upon withdrawal one will be billed for the current month


Late Withdrawal (after the 25th)

If the withdrawal comes after the 25th you will be billed for the next month before being withdrawn from the course. 

Example 1: If you send the email of resignation on January 28, you will be billed for February.

Example 2: If you send the email on February 7, you will be billed for February and keep the spot on the course through February

If you have Withdrawn but wish to sign up for courses again, you will have to sign up for the waiting list again 

Other questions?

There will be an instructor present at the pools that will answer any inquiries and questions.

Do you have any questions contact the course department by mail kurs@oi-svomming.no or tel. 975 73793