Member registry

To become a member of the club, and participate in our trainings and competitions, you’ll have to register through our member registry.

A brief introduction:


  • If you do not have a user, you make one here Create new user (opens in a new tab) . To register as a user does not make you a member, this happens in a later step. To confirm your registration you will receive an email with the login link where you, within 24 hours, have to confirm that you want to be a member of Oslo idrettslag svømming. We have experienced that this mail can end up in the spam folder – check if it has arrived there. If you do not confirm within 24 hours you will need to register again.   
  • On  the login page (opens in new tab), you can also recieve a new password if you forget it. It is important that you keep your email address updated so you can use this opportunity.
  • After logging in you can see your profile under  Medlemsregister -> Min profil (opens in new tab)You should show up in the list of family members automatically. If there are several in the family who are/wish to become a member, all can be managed through a single user, this is done by adding family members on “My profile”. 
  • Each family member can be passiv(passive), støttemedlem (associate member) or aktiv utøver (active athlete), the last one is chosen by selecting “treningsgruppe” (training group) on the line with the name.
  • After registering for the training group, the sports director will put you into the most fitting training group.
  • To sign yourself or other family members up for competitions, go to Medlemregister -> Oversikt (opens in a new tab) to see which events are open for registration, then sign up at the competition you wish to join.