Pool rules 

Rule 1:
Assess the speed of each lane. Which one is most suited for your speed?

Rule 2:
Dont choose a lane that already has multiple swimmers if other lanes have less (But take rule 1 into consideration).

Rule 3:
Always swim on your right side! Swim in a “circle” where you always stay as far right as possible.

Rule 4:
The fastest swimmer in each lane has the “Right of way”. If you know that you are not the fastest swimmer, pay attention and make way for those faster than you.

Rule 5:
If someone touches your toes, it probably isn’t flirting. It is a way of letting you know that you are being passed. No need to be angry or speed up. Just make sure that you stay as far right as possible and let the swimmer pass.

Rule 6:
Turns are done towards the left side of the wall. This way you leave the wall on the correct side of the lane, leaving less room for errors.

Rule 7:
If you need a break, preferably do this near the corners of the lane, as you risk being hit by another swimmer if you stay in the middle.

Rule 8:
Dont start directly in front of another swimmer who you know is faster. Many swimmers have great speeds leaving the wall!

Rule 9:
Wait at least five seconds to start after another swimmer leaves the wall.

Rule 10:
Don’t swim breaststroke in a lane where everyone else is swimming crawl. you should rather choose a more suitable lane.

Rule 11:
Be well behaved and communicate in a polite manner.

Rule 12:
If people bump in to you in other places than your toes, this could just as likely be your fault as it could be theirs. Make sure you are following these rules before you become agitated. And if this is clearly a result of them being careless, feel free to encourage them to reading these rules in a polite manner