Private lessons

Private lessons is a one-on-one lesson with a skilled instructor or coach from OI svømming. The coach will tailor every lesson to match your needs, goals and wishes. Private lessons is perfect for anyone who wants a close follow-up, either you want to swim faster in competition, qualify for something spesific, have a personal goal you wish to reach or have a child who wishes to put in some extra work

Where do we arrange the lessons?
All lessons are held at Sogn bad, near Ullevål stadion. You can easily get here by taking the subway to Ullevål stadion, or bus 23, 24 or 25.

There may be other things going on in the pool at the same time as the lessons are held.

How do i book a lesson?
You can choose a coach and an available time in the schedule below.

How long does a lesson last?
The lessons last for 45 minutes for the adults and 30 minutes for children

Paying for the lessons
You pay by card when you show up for the lesson. If you do not pay before entering the water, the lesson will be cancelled.

Cancellation and “no show” fee:
If you wish to cancell the lesson, you will have to do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to do so, you will still be charged for the full lesson. 

If you do not show for the booked lesson, you will be charged for the full lesson + 150 kroner in a “no-show” fee.

Prices for private lessons

Lesson for adults: 650 kr (45 min)
Duo-lesson for adults: 975 kr (45 min)
Lesson for children: 500 kr (30 min)
Duo-lesson for children: 750 kr (30 min)

Private lessons can be booked with:

  1. focus on developing the basic skills of swimming
  2. Focus on further developing Proper technique (Crawl, Backstroke, Breastroke, Butterfly)

Our personal coaches

Iben Hovland Markussen

Iben Hovland Markussen


Iben is a former competitive swimmer, and has participated in the Norwegian Championships since she was 14 years old. With many years of swimming experience, she has a high level of technical expertise in all types of swimming, especially crawl and breaststroke. Can provide PT lessons to children, youth and adults of all levels, whether you want to learn the basics or perfect your technique.

Astrid Mina Holta

Astrid Mina Holta


Astrid is a beginner and continuing instructor at Oslo Idrettslag swømming and a former competitive swimmer. She has had students of all ages, from children to adults, and has good expertise in all levels and types of swimming. Can give PT lessons in everything from beginner level to fine-tuning of technique.

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