Rules for parents and guardians

Oslo IL Svømming would like that active parents/guardians are interested in their child’s activities. In Oslo IL Svømming we would like parents/guardians to focus on the club as a group instead of each individual athlete.

Guidelines for parents/guardians in Oslo IL Svømming:

· Respect the club’s work and rules

· Be engaged but, remember that the child is the athlete – not you.

The children swim for their own goals and aspirations, not for the parents/guardians. Be proud that your child can swim fast, faster than everyone else!

· Show respect for the coach’s work and acknowledge the coach as opposed to your child.

· Ensure that your child is at practice on time with a water bottle.

If there is a reason that your child is not attending practice, notify the coach beforehand.

· Make sure that your child is eating properly with protein-rich foods, preferably no later than 20-30minutes after each practice.

It is recommended that your child has food in their bag for immediately after practice, a banana or other fruit, for example.

· Give your child the opportunity to develop good organizational solutions with the cooperation of their coach and coordinate when possible with other parents, such as carpooling to and from training and competitions.

· Motivate your child to be positive at practice and competitions.

· Let your child take part in the social frameworks that surround competitions, camps, and training get-togethers.

Children always have something to bring to the group and they will also learn to be together with others.

· Teach your children to handle both prosperity and adversity.

Help your child to get through tough periods. They need constructive solutions to help with concrete goals – do not demand and pressure your child during difficult periods.

· Do not show that the results from a competition were not good enough.

If a child has done their best, then it is more than enough. Let the coach do the evaluation and give feedback on what can be done better next time.


· Show good sportsmanship and respect for others. If there is a disagreement, talk to the person directly, not about them or the disagreement to others.

· Get to know other parents in Oslo IL Svømming. It’s more fun to be positively involved.

· Be a good role model by:

– Helping to keep the pool area tidy

– Throw away garbage that you see

– Don’t use outdoor shoes on the pool deck

– Talk people up, not down

· If a dissatisfaction occurs that requires feedback, discuss it with the Head Coach or the Chief of Sports. Under no circumstances should you critique a coach directly in a situation where a coach is standing on deck or is in a conversation with other athletes or parents/guardians.

· In the training groups for athletes aged 8-14, give praise to the coach, everything else should be taken up with the Head Coach or the Chief of Sports.

· The most important thing is that the children thrive and have fun!



Consequences for breaking of the rules

We would not like to place a lot of special focus on this, of course, as we are all here for the best interests of the children.

Should a situation arise, we will follow the consequences as listed (taken from NIF):

Sanctioning rules for the Norwegian Sports Federation and the Olympic and Paralympic committee

§ 1-1. General disciplinary orders

(1)   Organizational members may assign those covered by § 1-3(1) general disciplinary orders for breaches of the sport’s regulations, decisions, or general good behaviour. The following disciplinary orders can be used without being considered a penalty under this order:

    a) Reprimand,

    b) Expulsion,

    c) Exclusion jf. § 1-7 e) for up to one month,

    d) A fine of up to kr 5.000 for a single person and kr 25.000 for an organized group if the possibility of a fine arises from a written rules that has been made well known.