Club rules

Our 10 golden rules

  1. Respect the clubs work. Being a part of Oslo IL Svømming is voluntary, but if you are – you follow our guidelines
  2. We will provide the best possible offers for all ourt members
  3. We will develop athletes who are dedicated both at practice and competition.
  4. Respect other swimmers, coaches and others who are part of your team.
  5. We want an including, positive and developing environment for all our athletes.
  6. In Oslo IL Svømming we do our best to develop friendships and team spirit
  7. Coaches are role models – They motivate and inspire
  8. Parents/guardians in Oslo IL Svømming are including, inspiring and focused on team spirit
  9. Here in OI we take pride in dealing with both the hard times and the good times
  10. We are proud of our team!

This is how every individual member helps to create a positive environment:

  • We greet each other when we meet
  • We support and watch out for each other – We are on the same team
  • We are open and honest, and we give and recieve feedback
  • We feel pride in each others development
  • We have fun at practice and competitions
  • We respect the teams values
  • We help to clean up after ourselves
  • We deal with conflicts in a mature manner, no talking behind each others backs
  • Bullying is not tollerated
  • In OI, we make friends for life