School swimming organized by OI Swimming

Oslo Sports was founded in 1893 and is one of the oldest sports clubs in Norway. The largest part of the sports club is OI Swimming, which is one of the largest swim teams with about 2,500 members.

We have a large and active course department that offers swimming lessons for all ages from infant to adult in the Oslo area. We focus on progress and mastery, as well as learning through play for the youngest. We also offer school swimming, kindergarten swimming, AKS courses and courses for companies. 

The Swimming lessons we offer is based on the Norwegian Swimming School and all of our instructors are trained through the Norwegian Swimming Federation. They are also required to take an annual test in lifesaving.

Teaching arrangements

We offer swimming lessons for schools according to the curriculum and competency goals for swimming. Students are divided into groups by level (if two or more instructors are used) to ensure the best possible attention and mastery by each student. If there is only 1 instructor he/she will adapt the teaching to the average level of the group.

We recommend including a teacher/assistant with a valid lifesaving course for the current year in teaching, if there are students in the group with the need for additional monitoring. 

The instructors teach on the basis of the mandatory test exercises described here >> , and maintain a focus on continuous progression and mastery of test exercises.


Safety during lessons

Sikkerhet er viktig i undervisningen og vi anbefaler derfor å ha 2 instruktører pr. 15 elever når elevene ikke er svømmedyktige. Dette er samme anbefaling som gis av Utdanningsdirektoratet. 

If the students are sufficient swimmers, the minimum amount of instructors is 1 per 15 pupils.


Competancy goals for swimming

The competency goals in swimming for 4th grade students are defined as follows:  

“Falling into the water at the deep end, swimming 100m on the belly, and along the way dive down to retrieve an object with your hands, stop and rest for 3 minutes (meanwhile floating on the belly, orienting themselves, roll over, float on your back); then swim 100 meters on back and get up on land “

The mandatory tests

The National Center for food, health and physical activity has developed the website “svø” on behalf of the Ministry and the Directorate of Education. On this website you will find very useful information about swimming lessons in schools and all the requirements pertaining to training. 

As of autumn 2017 there are 7 mandatory tests that the students will have to practice and complete, by the end of 4th grade.