Swim classes are very important in a country like Norway were most people are living in close vicinity of a lake or river. Learning how to swim is most importantly about being safe in, around and under water, while learning to utilize the properties of the water to maneuver. The sooner one starts their swim practice, the sooner one can be feel safe around water and start aving fun in it.

The Norwegian swimming federation estimates that you require approximatley 50 hours to become a sufficient swimmer. This involves:

Falling into deep water. Swimming 100m, face down, and in the progress diving down to retrieve an object from the bottom. Stopping and resting (floating on both your belly and back) for collectively 3 minutes. Then swimming 100m on your back to get back onto land.

The quote above is also the benchmark for 4th graders when it comes to swimming. Meaning it’s a requirement for all 10 year olds in Norway. A report claims that only about halv of this is achieved, and we want to do something about this. We wish to do something about this, and are currently collaborating with multiple schools to reach this goal

Swim classes at OI Svømming

At OI Svømming we focus on Development, play and a sense of achievement. We have skilled instructors that work hard every day to give both you and your children a great experience in our pools. We believe that the mastery of swimming in a safe environment is important for people of all ages,and therefore strive to offer courses for everyone, regardless of age and need. You will always find something suitable for you, your family and children.

One can start at our baby-courses from the age of 10 weeks, or attend to our adult courses at a later age. We offer everything from Novice to experienced level courses for children, youth and adults, following the guidelines given by Norges svømmeskole (The Norwegian school of swimming). There are offers to continue the efforts into the training groups that aim for achievements within competitions if this is something you desire. If you wish to try something different, we also have offers within Synchronized swimming and triathlon.


Why participate in our courses?

  • We focus on maintaining good quality throughout our courses, with efficient hours and learning through fun
  • We have skilled and well educated instructors who care about the progress of you and/or your child
  • We offer courses for “everyone”, ranging from babies and small children, to Schoolchildren and adults
  • We use Norges svømmeskole’s guidelines, which is developed by the norwegion swimming federation
  • All our courses are continous monthly courses, Which means that you pay a regular fee every month. This means that you/your children easily have the possibility to move on to the next course. You also cancel your membership yourself so that you only attend to the courses you want.

Velkommen på svømmekurs hos oss! Kursavdelingen tar deg gjerne imot på kanten, via telefonen eller på epost. Har du spørsmål til svømmekursene våre må du bare ta kontakt! Vi gleder oss til å hilse på deg og dine barn!

Sara Skaslien Paulsen

Leder av kursavdelingen , OI Svømming