Synchronized swimming is an artistic sport with elements from acrobatics, gymnastics, ballet and swimming. A normal training for a synchronized swimmer consists of technical training in water, musical swimming, gym, stretching and swimming.
This is a team sport where you perform movements, figures and drills in and under water, following a choreography with music. Synchronized swimming is perfect for all children over 6 years old, who are capable of swimming at least 50 meters and feel comfortable at deep waters and under water. we recommend completing “selmerket” or a level of our swimming courses before giving synchronized swimming a shot.

Why choose synchronized swimming?

  • This is a sport that develops multiple versatile skills, not just swimming. Koordination, flexibility, strength and kreativity are all skills that will be challenged
  • We spend a lot of time practising musical swimming, where you will be part of a team and learn a choreography that will be performed at competitions.
  • Our environment is filled with both great athletes and coaches who welcome everyone
  • Synchronized swimming is a great alternative for people who have previously been active in swimming, ballet, and gymnastics, but wish to try something new.

Our goal

OI Synchronized swimmings ambitions is to develop athletes at a high international level, while being the club with the biggest offers within the sport. We want this to be a team where one can grow and reach their goals