Synchronized swimming is an artistic sport with elements of acrobatics, gymnastics, ballet and swimming. Training sessions for a synchronous swimmer consists of technique exercises in water, music swimming, strength, flexibility training and swimming. 
Synchronized swimming is a team sport where perform movements, figures and exercises as synchronized as possible in water to a choreography with accompanying music. Synchronized swimming is suitable for all children over 6 years who can swim at least 50 meters, is confident in deep water and who is comfortable with being under water. We recommend that you have completed Selmerket or a higher level if you have participated in swimming lessons with us or other swimming clubs.

Why choose synchronized swimming?

  • Synchronized swimming develops versatile skills, both for swimming technically but also in terms of coordination, flexibility, strength and creativity.
  • We spend a lot of time on music swimming, where you, together with a team, have to learn a choreography to music that is displayed on our performances.
  • We have a great environment and good coaches who loves to teach.
  • Synchronized swimming is a good option for athletes who have previously been active within swimming, diving, ballet or gymnastics to name a few sports

Our goal

OI Syncron has ambitions to develop athletes at the international level, in addition to being the club with the greatest amount of activity offers within synchronized swimming. With us you have the opportunity to become great and perform.