The training group (T1)

T1 is a group for those who wish to train swimming, but don’t want their practices to target competitive swimming. We try to focus on the social aspect and creating a fun environment for the athletes. One gets to choose how many trainings they want per week, ranging from 1-4 trainings, and makes an agreement with the coach when they will show up. Those who wish to have a go at competing, get a chance at 4 yearly local competitions. Participation is voluntary. T1 recruits directly from the courses, Pre T/U and U3-U6. If one realises that they wish to pursue the competitive aspect of swimming while they are in T1, they might want to know that the challenge increases the older one is while still in T1. Therefore we advise that the children give the U-groups a chance first and rather swap to T1 if they wish to step down from the competitive part.

T1 is organized the same way as the other groups in the development department. An invoice will be sent out twice per year, and one may choose to quit at any time during a season. However they will not have any right for a refund if the invoice has already been paid for the period. Participants in the group can be registered through our member registry here>> and you can find their training hours here>>