Synkron nybegynner – Oter

This group is for anyone who wants to give synchronized swimming a first try. You are capable of swimming and comfortable in deep water. We follow the “star system” from the norwegian swimming federation; a system where every star represents an element from synchronized swimming. There are a total of 10 stars, and this course focuses on the two first, with choreography and music in addition.

There is one swimming practice and one land practice (dance and flexibility) every week.

Age 6-12

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Synkron videregående – Nise

This group is for those who wish to further develop their synchronized swimming and have passed star 1 and 2. Here we will focus on star 3 and 4 in addition to choreographies

There are two practices in the water and one land practice every week

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Ungdomsgruppa – Narhval

This group is for those who are 13 years old or older and wish to try synchronized swimming. We will focus on star 1-5 and choreographies.

There is one training per week which is both in the water and on land

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Synkron utviklingsgruppe 3 – Beluga

This group is for those who have passed “videregående kurs – Nise” and wish to continue working on star 6-10, FINA figures and Choreographies. The athletes will be offered a chance to compete if this is desired. 

There are three practices every week. 3.5 hours in the water and 2.5 on land.

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Synkron utviklingsgruppe Hobby (Active for life)

This group is for those who have completed the 10 stars but dont wish to move on the the FINA groups. We offer 3 practices per week, each lasting 2-2.5 hours. Participants will continue to work on developing the figures and choreographies. The participants will be offered to participate in competitions if this is desired

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This is a collection of multiple groups (PrepFINA, FINA 13-15 og FINAJunior). To join one of these you will have to be at least 13 years old during the season, and have a strong will to compete. You will have to have passed star 1 through 10 and continue to work on FINA figures in the 13-15 age categories and technical choreographies for Junior. in addition to this, all groups have free choreography

All these groups have a draftingperiod that ends with tests. This is done every August-early september

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This group are for any adults who wish to get some exercise with water and music. You will learn the basics of synchronized swimming and make choreographies.

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For people with previous experience with synchronized swimming who are older than 20.

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