Oslo idrettslag Triathlon, abbreviated to OO TRI, offers courses and training spesifically for triathlon as a hobby and a competitive sport. Our offer includes both training in water and on land, with swimming, running, cycling and dryland and strength training.


Why choose OI TRI?

  • We have our own pool! This makes us way more independent than other teams.
  • We have a year-long program that is 100% dedicated to triathlon.
  • We have our very own triathlon coach who follows the athletes closely and is fully dedicated to the sport.
  • We wish to help develop the greatest triathlon athletes in Norway
What do we offer? OI TRI offers courses, training groups and groups for those who wish to pursue a competitive career within triathlon. 

Our goal

OI Triathlon has ambitions to be Norways greatest klub within triathlon, with atyhletes who perform at the highest international levels.