Oslo Idrettslag Triathlon, abbreviated to OI TRI offers athletes courses and trainings specifically for triathlon as a sport and competition. We offer both training in the pool and on land, in the form of cycling, running, strength, swimming and core training

Why choose OI TRI?

  • We have our own pool! This makes us far more independent than other clubs
  • We have a year-round training program dedicated 100% to triathlon
  • Our very own Triathlon Coach gives close follow-up and full dedication to the triathlon sport
  • We want to develop some of the best triathletes in the world

What can we offer? OI TRI offers courses, training and focus groups for triathletes. Read about offers below to find a suitable offer for you, your needs and aspirations.

Our Goal

OI Triatlon has the goal of becoming Norway’s largest and best triathlon club, with athletes at the international level.