Kvinnekurs og jentekurs

Womens- and girls courses

Female Classes are private swimming lessons with only female participants and female instructors. These courses are divided into level 1 and 2, and the teaching is adapted to each participants’ skills. Level 1 is an introductory course for women who can’t swim and/or have little experience with being in the water. Level 2 is suitable for women who have some experience with being in the water and can dive, float and stay in deep water without assistance. These courses are held simultaneously, with one instructor at each level

Womens course
Agegroup: 10-17 years (girls courses) 18 years and older (Womens courses)
Time and place: Tuesdays 16.00-20.00 – Møllergata Skole
Price: From 580 kr/month + 200kr per year as a membership fee

Registration and more info
Girls course: Choose “Ungdom” here>>
Womens course: Choose “voksen” here>>


Womens course – Level 1

  • Getting used to water
  • Head under water
  • Floating on belly and back
  • Kicking of wall -> glide
  • kick
  • Getting familiar with crawl
  • Feel safe in deep wate

Womens course – Level 2

  • Kicking of wall and glide
  • Kick (With and without kickboard)
  • Breathing technique
  • Rotation
  • Strokes
  • Practicing doing a dive
  • Practicing a flipturn

Womens course – Level 3

  • Superman with a breath every 8 meters
  • Crawlswimming with a breath every 3 stroke
  • Backstroke with rotation to belly
  • Sculling in the deep end for 15 seconds
  • Jump into the deep, float on the stomach, rotate to the back
  • Dive at the deep end